Perween Rehman: Rebel Optimist is a film set to pay tribute to the slain social activist and its trailer has already generated quite the buzz.

Perween Rehman was one of the country’s finest social activist, who was slain for providing benefit to the impoverished people who belonged to Orangi. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in engineering from Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, she joined the Orangi Pilot Project initiated by renowned activist Akhtar Hameed Khan.

In March 2013 Perween Rehman was gunned down after she was traveling in her car near the Banaras flyover in Karachi. Following her death, members of the civil society as well as her co-workers from the Orangi Pilot Project went in droves to her house. Perween Rehman was credited with helping the poor every step of the way. She had joined a prestigious architecture firm but left it only a few months after she had joined, on Akhtar Hameed Khan’s bidding to join the OPP.