Daily Pegham ENGARY Films’ ‘Shah’ is all set to be screened at the United States starting February 21, according to Hip In Pakistan.

ARY Films’ Shah impressed masses in Pakistan, as the sports biopic generated quite positive reviews in Pakistan. The film was critically praised owing to Adnan Sarwar’s realistic portrayal of Hussain Shah–the local boxing hero from Lyari who brought home an Olympic bronze medal for Pakistan.

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Good news for fans of Adnan Sarwar or those who are waiting to watch the film across cinemas in the United States. Shah is all set to be released in theatres across the United States, starting February 21st! Here is the schedule of the screenings:-

21st Feb – Ithaca College, New York (FLE Film Festival)
23rd Feb – Columbia University, New York
25th Feb – American University, Washington DC (Muse District)
27th Feb – University of South California Museum, LA, California
29th Feb – Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia
2nd March – Angelika Film Center, Plano, Texas
3rd March – Harkins Theatre, Southlake, Texas
6th March – University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Shah is the biography of Hussain Shah, a boxer from Karachi’s troubled Lyari area who made it big by winning the bronze medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. A recurring aspect throughout the movie is the portrayal of the hardships and obstacles that were faced by Hussain Shah to achieve his objective and once when that was done, how the system betrayed him.

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Regarding the news, this is what Adnan Sarwar said:-

“It is an honour for me to be taking our film Shah to a global audience, especially at some of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world. These screenings will be attended by students and faculties of these great schools,” he said.

“I hope that with Pakistani films now being shown in front of a global audience, we will be able to build a truer narrative for our country, both for the world and for our own people.”