Daily EnGSalman Khan has made plans to throw a lavish party for his former co-star and good friend Sanjay Dutt,, as the latter was released from prison earlier today.

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have always remained on good terms with each other. Hence, the news that the Bollywood superstar will throw a lavish party in honour of Sanjay Dutt to celebrate his release from prison earlier today does not come as a surprise.

According to details, Salman Khan has made arrangements to throw a party at his Panvel farmhouse. Sanjay Dutt will head over to Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse with his family to take part in the celebrations. The party is set to be a private affair and Salman has known to make arrangements to block media intrusions and also prevent fans from trying to enter the place. Earlier during the day, Salman Khan had also sent four bodyguards to escort Sanjay Dutt from Yerawada prison when he was released today.

Sanjay Dutt completed his five-year prison sentence in connection with a case related to illegal possession of weapons linked to the 1993 Mumbai terrorist attack. Sanjay Dutt has starred in a couple of films with Salman Khan, one of whom was Ready.

Upon his release, members of the Bollywood film fraternity and Sanjay Dutt fans were ecstatic to hear about their star’s freedom. Dutt is expected to resume his film career.