worm_bin (1)In an effort to encourage Brussels residents to compost their organic waste, the City of Brussels in early February launched a system whereby it provides a full reimbursement for the purchase of a worm composting bin.

“We want to encourage everyone to compost in order to reduce household waste. I have therefore decided to raise the premium for worm composting bins,” Brussels’ environment alderman Ahmed El Ktibi told Brusselnieuws.

El Ktibi points out that a worm composting bin is compact, making it suitable for apartments. “People can significantly reduce their household waste and produce their own fertilizer, which they can then use on their houseplants,” he said.

A worm composting bin typically costs €90, which the City pays back in full. Even those who are handy enough to build a bin themselves are entitled to a reimbursement of their costs up to €100. Previously, only 60% of the cost was covered by the City, resulting in very little interest in the bins (only 271 environmental premiums issued for worm composting bins since 2000).

The City of Brussels hopes that the higher premium will boost interest in the initiative. It also organises information sessions in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Worms. The next workshop is scheduled for 8 March.