Daily EnGKARACHI: Law enforcement agencies arrested a suspect who they claimed was a right-hand man of Lyari gang-war leader Uzair Baloch, ARY News reported.

According to details, the arrested suspect was identified as Mohammad Waseem Ahmad who used to be the right-hand man of Uzair Baloch. Law enforcement agencies have taken the suspect into custody on charges of him financing gang-war suspects. This money is alleged to have been received from financial corruption in the Fisheries department.

Further details reveal Mohammad Waseem used to be an official of the Officer’s Association Union at the Fisheries and used to handle matters related to European countries. Mohammad Waseem Ahmad is considered as a close confidant of notorious gang-war leader Uzair Baloch.

Waseem has been taken to an undisclosed location for further interrogation where he is being investigated.

Uzair Baloch was arrested by Rangers as he was about to enter Karachi a couple of months ago. The notorious gang-war leader was arrested form the outskirts of metropolis and it is expected that he would make sensational revelations regarding influential and important members’ involvement in violence and other scandals.

Several days ago, another suspect by the name of Ali Butt, who was considered to be the right-hand man of Uzair Baloch was killed in an encounter by police.