dailypheamKatrina Kaif recently revealed that one Indian icon who inspires her is former prime minister Indira Gandhi. Amongst foreign personalities, her pick is tennis champion Serena Williams. Speaking at a show held on March 28 to celebrate womanhood, the actor shared she finds these two personalities inspirational because they have established themselves in fields that have been primarily dominated by men.

“I find them inspirational because they left a mark in fields that have always belonged to men,” Indian Express quoted her as saying. Kaif — who has seen a lot of hardships in her life, from box-office failures and break-ups — has always sailed through tough times by being positive. However, according to her, it is the belief in herself that has helped her surmount all impediments.

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“As women, we can go through moments of feeling insecurities, of feeling uncertainties, a sense of unbelonging or not knowing what we want to do in our lives,” explained Kaif. “But we should always know that we are enough. However we are and whatever we do, that is enough. We should believe in ourselves and never forget to try and help others. Helping others is usually the last thing on everyone’s mind but one should help those who are in need.”

The actor also spoke about the importance of imparting education amongst the youth to help promote gender equality. “You are as powerful as what you know. Education will change gender bias. It is the way forward. It will change people’s mind sets. I think the biggest change we can bring is through education. Knowledge is where we get our power from.”