dailypeghamRAWALPINDI: Security forces have killed at least 252 terrorists over the past two months and cleared more areas in the remote regions of North Waziristan, in the final phase of the major offensive in the tribal region, the military said on Sunday.

“During the last phase of operation in Shawal, 252 terrorists have been killed with 160 reported to be severely injured. In the last two months, valiantly fighting in Shawal, eight soldiers of Pakistan Army embraced Shahadat (martyrdom) while 39 are injured,” the chief military spokesperson, Lt Gen Asim Salim Bajwa said.

650 sq km secured in last phase of Waziristan op

Major terrorist hubs of Mana, Gurbaz, Lataka, Inzarkas and Magrotai and have been cleared, with army troops clearing at least 640 square kilometres of Shawal Valley.

Since the beginning of operation Zarb-e-Azb in June 2014, security forces have cleared 4304 square kilometers of area in North Waziristan and “restored the writ of the government in all areas especially in remote areas of FATA.”

The ongoing operation is being conducted in extremely hostile terrain and harsh weather conditions, the statement said, adding that all heights over 9000 feet have been cleared, terrorist strongholds destroyed and huge cache of arms and ammunition have also been recovered.

21 militants killed in Shawal Valley air, ground strikes: ISPR

In addition, there was virtually no communication or infrastructure in the region when the final phase of the operation was launched in February this year. Army troops have also managed to make 150km of tracks on the treacherous terrain while fighting the war. Shawal heights are fully covered with snow, while visibility remains poor.

In North Waziristan Agency, 37012 families (36% of temporarily displaced persons (TDPs) have returned to their homes. At least 94 development projects of various nature have been completed in both phases of the operation while 153 projects are underway in Phase-3.

PM vows to avenge ‘every last drop of countrymen’s blood’

Progress of infrastructure projects of North and South Waziristan were reviewed by Army Chief General Raheel Sharif on Saturday in the light of the already approved master plan.