dailypeghamBollywood director Kabir Khan has arrived in Karachi! It’s not what you think however, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan director isn’t here for a Lollywood project or a collaboration of any sort.

Turns out, he’s actually in Karachi to attend a marketing conference.

The Marcon ’16 conference gathers “leaders and marketers in search of new ideas and fresh sources of creativity,” according to it’s pamphlet.

The city is in a tizzy following his arrival, as Pakistan’s who’s who including Javed Shiekh and Zeba Bakhtiar can’t help but take selfies with Kabir!

Is Bajrangi Bhaijaan inspired by Pakistani activist Ansar Burney?

This is Kabir’s second visit to Pakistan. He was previously spotted in Lahore a couple of months ago. Last year, Kabir had become the center of attention after delivering a blockbuster hit in the form of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and later making Phantom, which caused a lot of controversy after it was banned in Pakistan.