dailypeghamNOIDA: Many Bollywood personalities have faced criticism in the past for endorsing different brands. Perhaps this is the reason why actor-dancer Malaika Arora Khan has made up her mind about the right endorsement deals.

Talking about products such as alcohol, cigarettes or skin-lightening creams, the actor shared she doesn’t believe in promoting such consumer goods.

At an event launch of a lingerie store, Malaika said that while selecting a brand for endorsement deals, it is very important for her to be able to relate with the product in real life. “I think it’s very important to understand the brand and whether you can do justice to what you are promoting. If I am asked to promote alcohol or cigarettes, I will never do that because I don’t believe in them. They are not part of my life.”

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The Munni Badnaam Hui star added, “Same holds true for skin-lightening creams. If I don’t feel comfortable endorsing a certain brand, I won’t do that.”

The actor looked like a diva in a frill dress, wearing a confident smile at the launch. When asked about her clothing preferences, she shared she always makes sure to step out of her house in the most glamorous look possible. “When I am working and when it is required, then yes I am careful. I definitely keep a check on what I am wearing. I also believe that we are in a profession where so much of emphasis is given on how you look and how you project yourself. This is important for my profession. So, I look good,” she said.

On her opinion about stardom, Malaika stated, “Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy it because when you have it, you have it and when you don’t, then it’s gone. And it shouldn’t be such a big deal. Have fun, enjoy it. Make the most of it. Value it.”