dailypeghmSonu Nigam sang on the streets of Juhu in Mumbai, in the guise of an old man recently and was touched when a boy handed him INR 12.

Almost a week after the social experiment, the Bollywood singer found the boy, with the help of Being Indian — the digital channel that conducted the social experiment with Sonu. The generous guy, Shabaz Ali Sayyed was brought in to the studio and was taken by surprise to see Sonu Nigam, who gave him a tight hug and showed him the framed money which was placed amidst his awards.

A screengrab from the surprise

Watch Sonu Nigam sing — 30,000 feet in the air

Needless to say, Shahbaz was over the moon with such a grand gesture and took an extensive yet adorable interview with the Bole Churiyan singer. It was a treat to watch the two interact with each other.

Here, check it out:

The video of the social experiment, titled The Roadside Ustaad, was released on Culture Machine’s channel Being Indian. Talking about the reason behind making this video, Karl Katgara, creative director at Culture Machine, said: “The whole idea behind this experiment was to inspire people to take a moment out of their busy lives and appreciate the beauty of music.

Sonu Nigam performs on Mumbai streets disguised as old man

Here’s Sonu singing on the streets of Mumbai: