dailypeghamSAN FRANCISCO (Web Desk) – Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg took the leading social networking site to new horizons on Wednesday when he live chatted with astronauts on the International Space Station.

NASA’s Facebook page used the Live feature on the social networking platform to interact with Mark Zuckerberg, who praised the work going on at the station.

The ecstatic founder of Facebook said that “connecting folks who are out in space is about as extreme and cool as it gets.”

The session, which lasted around 20 minutes, gave viewers a round-up of life on the space station, including the types of experiments being conducted and what food tasted like in space.

When asked about using Facebook in space, International Space Station (ISS) commander Kopra said that he enjoyed sharing his pictures and thoughts on the social network.

For fun, astronauts said, they stare out the window a lot and marvel at the beauty of Earth, and play with zero gravity.

“It would not have been a first Live to outer space without some astronauts flipping around in zero gravity,” Zuckerberg quipped.