dailypeghamThis is indeed an era of virtual reality.

Posting a 360 photo of Manhattan to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the 360 photos application worldwide across Facebook. The 360 photo of Manhattan recognizes Jonathon D. Woods and Michael Franz for taking this picture from the top of One World Trade Center.

Michael Franz shares his euphoria on being recognized while commenting on Zuckerberg’s photo.

“Mike Franz: Amazing to wake up and see my work shared by MarkZuckerberg and @Facebook, what an honor. As cool as this is, I think the real story here is about @facebook continuing to innovate and create tools so that photographers like myself can work to create new ways to bring stunning #360photo‘s and immersive images to people everywhere. The world becomes smaller and more accessible when we can bring the world to you on @Facebook. “

The new application is unique because users do not need a 360 camera to make use of it.

“You only need to take photos using a 360 camera app and post it to FB, and FB will take care of the rest.” Zuckerberg posted.