dailypeghamIf you’re scared of household lizards and cockroaches, Jeet Plus may not be your cup of tea.

A badass aunty from Murree appeared on Maya Khan’s show and showed us who’s boss, when she took on one of Waqar Zaka’s extravagant dares — blindfolded.

Known to make people do the strangest things in the name of entertainment, the Living on the Edge host took his dares a step further when he asked the blindfolded woman to name the items in a series of boxes.

Screengrab from Jeet Plus.

The open-top boxes consisting of hamsters, rats, and a snake among others, were inspected by the brave woman as she reached in and picked up the live animals.

Hamza Ali Abbasi goes where no one dares to on national tv

Screengrab from Jeet Plus.

As the woman guessed the items in the hopes of winning a motorcycle, the audience was in hysterics.

Presenting animal abuse and mind-numbing entertainment at it’s best: