dailypeghamProminent lawyer and popular television host Naeem Bokhari announced on Saturday his intention to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

A harsh critic of the lawyers’ movement, Bokhari announced his decision following an Iftar party at his residence attended by PTI chairman Imran Khan, and other senior party leaders.

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“Bokhari’s addition to party ranks will help strengthen PTI’s ongoing campaign against corruption,” Imran told media persons outside Bokhari’s house in Islamabad.

Bokhari was manhandled and beaten up by the pro-judiciary restoration movement for his vocal stance against former chief justice Iftihar Muhammad Chaudhry.

Time would prove that Bokhari’s decision to join PTI was correct, Imran Khan said. Asking his fans to join PTI ranks, Naeem Bokhari said he had been Imran Khan’s follower for a long time.