dailypeghmCALIFORNIA (Web Desk) – The world’s biggest computer chipmaker Intel Corp. attacked the European Commission for being unfair in a probe and imposing a record 1.06 billion-euro ($1.2 billion) fine on it.

The investigation into Intel kicked off on the back of allegations that it was using loyalty rebates and lower retail prices to force its competitors out of the market. Daniel Beard, a lawyer for Intel, told the European Union’s Court of Justice in Luxembourg that the European Commission had failed to analyze “all relevant circumstances” to see if the rebates shut out rivals.

Intel is making a final attempt to overturn the penalty doled out in 2009 for unfairly squeezing Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc out of the market. No date for a ruling has been set, Bloomberg reported.

Two years ago, the EU General Court rejected Intel’s first appeal. That ruling was a timely boost to the Brussels-based European Commission, which is embroiled in lengthy probes of search engine giant Google and chip designer Qualcomm Inc.

Regulators say Google gave financial incentives to telecommunications operators and phone makers that exclusively install its search app. They also allege that Qualcomm bribed a smartphone and tablet manufacturer to mostly use its chips.