peghamISLAMABAD: Denouncing calls for attending joint session of the parliament, PTI chief Imran Khan said how any politician with a moral compass can accept a prime minister who has been caught money laundering.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman in a series of tweets today said, “I stand by decision to boycott Joint session as nothing new will be achieved that was not achieved with PTI’s active participation in APC”.

The PTI came under severe criticism from most parties for boycotting joint session, convened amid rising tensions on borders with India.

Imran tweeted: “But I want to ask how any politician with a moral compass can accept a PM who has been caught money laundering in Panama Papers”.

Reiterating his demand of PM’s resignation, he said, ‘Mian Panama Sharif has been caught money laundering, tax evading and hiding of assets thereby losing all moral legitimacy to be PM’.

The boycott of a major opposition party was also reported in Indian media with interest, which called it a ‘rude shock to efforts to forge a united political front against India’.