peghamKARACHI: Investigations into the largest arms cache, recovered from a house in Azizabad near MQM headquarters, Nine Zero, have revealed startling details.

According to the sources, the underground water tank, where the arms were hidden was specially designed for the purpose. The tank was properly ventilated having entry-exit points for air to pass through to avoid any explosion.

The authorities have now decided to constitute a joint investigation team for further investigations.

The cache has been handed over to the army, which shifted it to the Central Ordnance Depot for forensic tests as the police lack capacity to conduct forensic analysis of heavy weaponry.

Acting on a tip-off, the police raided a house on Wednesday and recovered huge quantity of ammunition.

The weapons seized are: 11 anti-aircraft guns, three 12.7 guns with mount, 17 grenade launchers, 39 light machine guns, nine RPG-7, 82 submachine guns, 11 7mm rifles, 32 China rifles, 10 G-3 rifles, five sniper rifles, two repeater guns, nine short SMGs, 245 magazines of the SMG and G-3 rifle.

The recovered ammunitions are: 450,000 bullets of 7.62mm, 50,000 bullets of 7mm, 10,000 bullets of the 5.56mm rifle, 5,000 bullets of 9mm pistol, 10,000 were miscellaneous bullets, 84 RPG-7 rockets, 85 RPG-7 rocket fuses, 2,000 rifle grenades, 200 hand grenades, 140 bulletproof vests with plates and 30 helmets.