dailypeghamKARACHI: Arms recovered from what is being termed as the largest ever weapons bust in the history of Karachi, were handed over to Pakistan Army by the police on Wednesday for forensics.

According to details, the huge cache of weapons were transferred from the police to the army in a total of 5 police mobiles and 2 trucks. Sources confirmed that the weapons were being shifted to the army’s Central Ordinance Depot. The weapons had been discovered during a raid by police from Karachi’s Azizabad area on Wednesday night.

The weapons include those which were supposed to be in the use of NATO forces in Afghanistan as well as bullet-proof vests, and there are reports that terrorists wanted to use them on 9th of Muharram. The weapons are being handed over to the army so a forensics test could be carried out, since police do not have that capability.

Investigation sources said that recently police had arrested two workers of a political party in Federal B Area and on their disclosure the raid was conducted. The house is located a few yards away from the MQM’s headquarters, Nine Zero, in Azizabad, and according to their information the house had been closed for the past eight months.