peghamKARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the arms cache recovered from a house located close to the headquarters of a political party in Karachi has raised many questions.

Speaking to media here, he said that he had ordered a thorough inquiry into the recovery of huge quantity of arms from a house at Azizabad.

“The house is close to the headquarter of a party therefore people are raising questions about the ownership of the weapons dumped there,” he said, adding that things would be clear once inquiry was finalised.

Brushing aside the impression of corruption in Sindh, Shah said that it was an old issue.

“I am working day and night to establish good governance,” he said. “Once the governance is improved, corrupt practices would automatically die down.”

He said that he had held another meeting on education today.

“Some people are saying that around six million children are out of school while the others put the number to three million,” the chief minister said, adding even if these were three million that too was a matter of concern for him and it was our responsibility to send these children to school.

The Sindh CM said that he was working hard with educationists to shape up education policy of the province, under which free-of-cost quality education would be made available for all.

“But, to achieve this target everyone has to strengthen my hands,” he said.

“Similarly, health policy was being shaped with the objective to improve free health services for everyone,” Murad Ali Shah said. “I do not have a prolong agenda, rather my priorities are very simple that to raise the standard of education and health services, and to establish good governance.”

He added that everyone was supporting him and he would achieve the targets.

In response to a question, the Sindh CM said that he had received reports that some patients had received HIV infection just after undergoing dialysis at Larkana civil hospital. “They are claiming that the dialysis machine had HIV virus.”

“I have asked secretary health to inquire into the matter and report to me,” he said.