St Louis, Missouri: United States Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton refused to shake each other’s hands at the start of the second US Presidential debate on Monday.

Both Clinton and Trump made their way onto the stage but refused to shake hands with each other, unlike the first debate. The two square off after a bitter week in which a more than a decade-old video of Trump surfaced in which he can be heard making lewd comments about women, including his daughter and wife.

During the debate, when the question was thrown at the Republican nominee, he said it was ‘locker room talk’ not meant for anyone to hear. Instead, Trump said he wanted more to focus on making America great again. The billionaire suggested time and again that he respected women.

In response, Hillary said that she spent a lot of time thinking about the video that had surfaced and said that Trump did not contain the quality that was required of a US President. She recalled his verbal spat with a former model and said that Trump was not suitable to hold the reins of the country.

Trump said that Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton was the most abusive man towards women and highlighted the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton scandal. He reminded everyone of how Bill was impeached and then lost his license to practice law. Hillary retorted by claiming that Trump has indulged in abusive attitude towards the disabled, Muslims and Latinos.

Trump said that Hillary owed him an apology for the irresponsible handling of 33,000 emails on her private server. Clinton admitted her mistake and said that there was no evidence that the top secret emails had been hacked and landed into wrong hands.

“Were the 33,000 emails related to your daughter’s wedding that you deleted them?” said Trump to Hillary Clinton. “And she deleted the emails after the subpoena,” he said.