dailypeghamKARACHI: The Shahid Afridi and Javed Minadad verbal duel took a turn for the worse on Sunday as the latter accused the former of ‘selling matches’.

According to details, Javed Miandad accused Shahid Afridi of match-fixing in his latest statement.

“Shahid Afridi should put his hand over his daughters’ heads and proclaim that he never sold a match,” he said.

The comments from Miandad came after Afridi had said earlier during a book launch that money had always been an issue with Miandad. Afridi had said that Miandad used to say petty things despite being a huge star and that was the ‘difference between him and Imran Khan’. He had responded to a question from a reporter, who had asked him to opine on Miandad’s statement that Afridi should not get a farewell match. However, the former Pakistan cricket captain and swashbuckling all-rounder took to Twitter and regretted his statements against Miandad.
Javed Miandad is legend of cricket but he used very harsh words on TV for long time. He made personal attack on me for no reason1/2

Afridi had also said earlier that he did not care about a farewell cricket match and was thankful that people had loved him over the years. Afridi claimed that he only cared about the love and affection he had received from the people of Pakistan.