dailypeghamIn a fiery Instagram post, Pakistani songstress Annie Khalid lashed out at vicious critics for abusing her on social media, merely for her decision to marry a second time.

Known for her blockbuster song Mahiya, Annie Khalid made headlines when she got married and subsequently, divorced to businessman Malik Awan. A public spat ensued with allegations hurled at Annie Khalid. However, the actress moved on and got married a second time to her husband Saad Ahmed Khan.

It seems as if some of her detractors are having a hard time moving on and still continue to shame her for marrying a second time. Annie took to Instagram and wrote a long post, condemning her critics for their vicious attacks on her.

“YES I married AGAIN! Why do people write, “How many times you gonna get married”, “kitni dafa shadi karo gi” “maneater” “vulgar woman” “wahiyaat aurat”? What sin have I committed? Our religion permits us to marry again after being divorced,” she wrote.

Apparently, even women who criticized the singer for marrying a second time, took a hit from Annie.

“You men who comment under my posts have some shame, nobody wants their marriage to break, but if it does then what can you do? Would you be happier to see me alone and unhappy? Would that make you happy? What hurts the most is seeing women say horrible things too. I would expect girls to be more empathetic and understanding but how SAD that you also hurt me with your brutal comments,” she wrote.

In the end, Annie thanked her husband Saad for loving her unconditionally for ‘who she was’ and not ‘what she was’.

The actress had taken to Instagram and posted pictures from her wedding day, on the occasion of her one year wedding anniversary to Saad Ahmed Khan.