BEIJING: China warned India indirectly on Monday not to pursue its political gains in the name of counter-terrorism, in what is being viewed as the former’s stance on the Masood Azhar issue.

According to details, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong said that there should be no double standards on the issue of counter-terrorism nor should a political agenda be pursued in the name of counter-terrorism. He offered his views while speaking to reports before Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India in Goa for the 8th BRICS summit.

China has earlier thwarted India’s attempt to ban Jaish-e-Muhammad chief Masood Azhar. China is capable of doing that since it holds the power of veto. China maintains inclusions to the 1267 sanctions list of the UN Security Council should be carried out on the principles of “objectivity, impartiality and professionalism… and solid evidence” with consensus among the Security Council members.