BEIJING: India’s move to completely seal its border with Pakistan was a very ‘irrational’ decision and would lead to a major setback in bilateral relations, Chinese analysts said.

“India is making a very irrational decision since no exhaustive investigation has been conducted after the Uri incident and no evidence proves Pakistan is behind the attack,” the Global Times quoted Hu Zhiyong a research fellow from the official think tank Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy as saying.

“Since Pakistan is China’s all weather strategic partner, India’s decision would make China-Pakistan-India relations more complicated,” Hu said.

Hu was commenting on Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s announcement that the 3,323 km long border between India and Pakistan would be completely sealed by December 2018.

“A completely sealed border would further hinder the already scarce border trade and talks between the two countries,” Hu said.

Wang Dehua director of the Institute for Southern and Central Asian Studies at the Shanghai Municipal Centre for International Studies said that a sealed border would only disrupt peace efforts made by the two sides.

“The country’s decision reflects its Cold War mentality and would only cause deeper hatred among residents living in India and Azad Kashmir,” Hu added.

He added a peaceful resolution on the Kashmir disputes is in the interest of China’s homeland security especially its western regions.

Yesterday, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong had defended China’s technical hold in the UN on a ban on Masood Azhar, the head of Jaish-e-Muhammad.

“China is opposed to all forms of terrorism. There should be no double standards on counter terrorism. Nor should one pursue own political gains in the name of counter terrorism,” he had said indirectly accusing India. (INP)