KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan leader Amir Khan on Tuesday said that he would not apologise to the party founder again and would quit politics if Altaf Hussain strengthens his grip on the party.

Speaking to Geo News, Khan said he had informed the party leadership after listening to Altaf Hussain’s rants against the country that the Muhajir community would not go against Pakistan. “I stand by Farooq Sattar, and MQM-Pakistan. We are taking our own decisions,” he said.

Khan said MQM – prior to the London and Pakistan divide – did not issue any statement for a week after his arrest during a raid at the party’s Nine Zero headquarters in Karachi last year.

“Had I facilitated that raid and was arrested out of my own will, then what about the cases lodged against me?” he questioned.

“Did I myself get those cases registered against me? What about the three-month detention that I underwent? Was the 24-hour grilling while being blindfolded under custody of the law enforcement also held as per my wishes?”