webNEW JERSEY: US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has offered to mediate between Pakistan and India if the two countries wanted him to.

In an interview to an Indian newspaper before his address to Indian-Americans on Saturday, Donald described ongoing India-Pakistan tensions as a “very, very hot tinderbox”.

When asked to comment on the tensions in South Asia and his approach to diffuse the situation, Donald said “I would love to see Pakistan and India get along. That would be a very great thing. I hope they can do it”.

“If they wanted me to, I would love to be the mediator or arbitrator. If we could get India and Pakistan getting along, I would be honored to do that. That would be a tremendous achievement.”

Trumps hate for Muslims is apparent and his call for banning Muslims in America during election campaign was criticized all over the world.

When questioned about his views on terrorism, Trump blamed Islam for this and said, “We will have to be very, very strong with respect to radical Islamic terrorism. We have to be very powerful, very strong on radical Islamic terror”.

He took the opportunity to reprise his love for India. “I have great love for India, because I have so many friends from India … the Hindu people, I will say, are amazing.”