KARACHI: According to an initial inquiry report regarding the train accident that took place in the city on Wednesday, the driver and assistant driver of the Zakariya Express were held responsible for being careless and negligent.

Two trains had collided on Wednesday in Karachi, killing 22 people and injuring more than 50. Among the 22 dead were also women and children, who traveling in the two passenger trains.

According to the report, the duties of the driver and the assistant driver were to begin and conclude from Rohri station to Karachi. As the destination arrived near, both tended to their personal luggage inside the engine and became busy in filling the railway form. Due to their carelessness, the train passed by the red signal and hence the collision occurred.

The initial report pointed out that Zakariya Express driver Muhammad Rafiq and assistant driver Altaf Hussain were negligent regarding their duties. According to the report, the red signal was not taken seriously by the driver and assistant driver due to which the accident occurred. At the time of the accident, the report stated that the speed of the train was 120 km/hour.

According to the Chief Signal Officer and the Chief Mechanical Officer, both the signals and the engines were in proper working condition, at the time of the accident.