DIXVILLE NOTCH, ETATS-UNIS: The US presidential election got underway — on a small scale — as seven people in a tiny New Hampshire village cast their ballots at the stroke of midnight.

Dixville Notch has had the honor of launching the voting, symbolically, since 1960.

Clay Smith was the first of seven people to cast their ballots as Tuesday´s long awaited Election Day began. An eighth resident voted by absentee ballot.

The tally was announced in a matter of minutes: four votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton and two for Donald Trump.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson won one vote, and there was a write-in vote for Mitt Romney, the losing Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

Two other hamlets in New Hampshire, which is on the Canadian border, also voted at midnight.

Voting begins in earnest at 6:00 am (1100 GMT) in several states along the East Coast.