webISLAMABAD: The documents provided to the Supreme Court by Sharif Family regarding ownership of offshore companies confirmed that Hussain Nawaz is the ‘owner’ of the Trust holding these companies.

On the last hearing, the court had directed the petitioners and respondents to file documents related to properties and off-shore companies revealed in the Panama Papers Leaks by November 15.

The documents submitted by the PM’s children confirmed the agreement between Maryam Safdar and Hussain Nawaz regarding the Trust owning Nielsen Enterprises Limited, Comber Group Inc. and Nescoll Limited.
Under the deal, signed on 2nd February, 2006, Maryam Safdar is the ‘Trustee’ and Hussain Nawaz is the ‘Beneficiary Owner’ of the Trust holding offshore companies and in case of Hussain’s death or mental disability, Maryam is bound to distribute the shares properties according to Islamic Sharia.

Nawaz Sharif’s children had earlier claimed during the initial proceedings that all three of them were not dependent on their father.