webISLAMABAD: The newly-appointed lawyer of Maryam Safdar, Hassan and Hussain Nawaz in the Panama Leaks case, stated on Tuesday that money had never been shifted abroad at any time from Pakistan.

Speaking to media personnel outside the Supreme Court, advocate Akram Sheikh said that Maryam Nawaz was not the beneficiary of the offshore companies but was a trustee. He also stated that she was not dependent on her father Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Akram Sheikh said that PTI’s lawyer had now demanded additional time.

“We were being blamed for using delaying tactics. However, today, PTI’s lawyer demanded more time from the Supreme Court,” he said.

Akram Sheikh also said that he was not the lawyer of Nawaz Sharif but his children.

“If you have any questions pertaining to the Prime Minister, then please refer them to Salman Ahmad Butt,” he said.

Proceedings regarding the Panama Leaks and Prime Minister’s disqualification were held earlier during the day. The Supreme Court postponed further hearing of the case till November 17.

The court had remarked that the ‘evidence’ submitted by the PTI consisted of newspaper clippings. The Supreme Court had also criticized the evidence submitted by PTI by stating that most of it was not related to the case at all.