webISLAMABAD: Pakistan has ordered 108 FETO-linked teachers to leave the country by Nov. 20 ahead of Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to the Islamic Republic.

The Interior Minister issued a notification to Fesih Celik, CEO of Pak-Turk Education Foundation in which it was mentioned clearly that the visas of the teachers will not be extended beyond November 20. A Turkish news agency confirmed the notification that had been sent by the Interior Ministry.

The Turkish government, spearheaded by President Erdogan, has accused the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO) of orchestrating the July 15 attempted coup in Turkey. Turkey has asked Pakistan to close down several schools, colleges and business in Pakistan which are associated with the FETO organization.

The notification comes ahead of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s official two-day visit to Pakistan.

The PakTurk foundation is said to operate 28 schools across Pakistan.

Immediately after the coup, the Turkish government launched a crackdown against officials from public and private sectors who were involved in the July 15 coup. the European Union and United States have continuously criticised Turkish authorities for detaining and arresting supporters of Fethullah Gulen.