NEW DELHI: After General Raheel Sharif warned Narendra Modi not to seek acts of aggression against Pakistan and urged them to own 11 dead soldiers of the Indian army killed by Pakistani security forces, the Indian military denied the Pakistani COAS’ claim.

The Indian Army, still in denial mode and refusing to own their dead soldiers killed by Pakistan Army, stated that claims made by General Raheel Sharif were false and not true.

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No fatal casualties due to Pak firing on 14,15 or 16 Nov. Pak Army Chief claim of killing Indian soldiers on 14 Nov false.@adgpi
11:38 PM – 16 Nov 2016
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Gen. Raheel Sharif stated on Wednesday, while witnessing ‘Raad-ul-Barq’ military drills 70 km from the border with India, that Indian army should man up and own their dead soldiers killed by Pakistan Army.

“Indians are shameless and don’t own their dead while disregarding their soldiers wearing uniform. The esteem attached with the uniform is being denied by the Indians. We had been watching them picking the dead bodies of their soldiers but they are hiding it from their nation,” General Raheel Sharif had said while speaking informally to media persons, on Wednesday.

General Raheel had also stated that 11 soldiers of the enemy were killed, scores were injured, including one officer, and three posts were destroyed on the day when Pakistan had admitted that seven of its soldiers had been martyred by Indian shelling from across the border.

Tensions have been on the rise between India and Pakistan owing to frequent violations of the ceasefire agreement by the Indian Army.