KARACHI: Police cracked down against violators of the pillion-riding ban on Monday, detaining more than 100 persons from the city’s Sea View spot.

Karachi police have sprung into action following the imposition of a ban on pillion-riding, which has been imposed to ensure stringent security measures are taken for the Chehlum of the martyrs of Karbala.

At least 100 persons were taken into custody from Sea View alone and more than 50 motorcycles were confiscate by police. 19 cases in total were registered for the pillion-riding violation. 23 suspects had been taken into custody from Karachi’s Jackson area.

Police claim that the ban had been imposed keeping in mind the recent incidences of firing in the city and disturbance of law and order. According to the Home Department Government of Sindh, women, journalists, old men, children and members of law enforcement agencies have impunity from the pillion-riding ban.