DENVER: Boom Supersonic has unveiled the first prototype of an aircraft named XB-1 that can carry passengers from New York to London in three-and-a-half hours.

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, Boom Supersonic revealed the prototype of an aircraft which has been nicknamed as the ‘Baby Boom’, which will have the capability to fly at mach 2.2 or at the speed of 1,451 m.p.h. News of such an aircraft first made headlines in April yet the prototype was disclosed last week.

The aircraft is faster than the renowned Concorde jet, which used to provide shorter trips to affluent passengers at supersonic speed. The Concorde stopped flying after 2003 owing to excessive sound, the rising cost of fuel and expensive ticket prices. Conversely, the XB-1 will be more fuel-efficient, make less noise and be lighter. This will be brought about by Boom Supersonic due to changes in engine technology.

With a seating capacity of 45 persons, the jet will at first only cater to overseas routes such as New York to London and San Francisco to Tokyo. However, speed will not be the only advantage it will deliver; the Denver-based Boom Supersonic wants to make it a memorable experience for all who travel.

Planned interior of the XB-1
Planned interior of the XB-1

“Our goal is to provide a tranquil and stress-free experience from the moment you step aboard, whether you want to work, play, or relax,” states the firm’s website.

Commercial flights of the aircraft will be operational by 2023.