RIYADH: Saudi authorities arrested an Indian immigrant for allegedly disrespecting the Holy Kaaba by superimposing an image over that of the holy site’s on Facebook.

According to details, Saudi authorities held a person who placed an image over that of the Holy Kaaba deliberately and posted it on social media. A Riyadh police spokesperson spoke to a TV channel and said,”The region’s investigative department was able to capture and arrest a suspect, in his forties and who works in agriculture, who insulted our holy site,” he said.

“He superimposed a picture on the Kaaba and posted on social media,” he added.

Police were able to track down the person behind the post from a farm at Al Majmaah city in the province of Riyadh.

The Holy Kaaba is the most sacred mosque for more than one billion Muslims across the globe, who face in its direction while praying to Allah five times a day. The Kaaba has been mentioned in the Holy Quran numerous times and every year, millions of Muslims flock to Makkah to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage. One of the obligatory acts of the Hajj is to circumambulate the Holy Kaaba seven times, known as tawaaf.