NEW DELHI: According to an article published in a renowned Indian English daily, lack of toilets as well as other reasons, are the main causes of children getting raped in India.

India has been struggling to tackle its rape crisis, which is leading to an embarrassment for the ‘largest democracy in the world’ internationally. According to statistics taken in 2015 by the Indian police, an average number of six rape cases take place in New Delhi alone.

However, the alarming trend of minors getting raped in India also refuses to decline. According to experts in India, the rising number of child rapes taking place in the country is due to lack of infrastructure, rising insensitivity of the local population as well as an exposed life that these children lead.

For instance, data compiled by an Indian NGO and Delhi police pointed out that lack of infrastructure, which includes absence of basic facilities such as toilets and proper lighting, leads to child rapes in the country.

“In many cases the victims share that they were molested or raped when they went outside their home to relieve themselves,” said Former IPS, Amod Kanth.

“Their parents go and work in different households and leave their children unattended. There is lack of protection and care and devils on the prowl, usually people in the neighbourhoods, find them as easy targets,” he added.

Gender expert Kalpana Vishwanath said that children were the main targets of rapists since the offenders think minors are easy targets. Also, at times, children are unable to identify the sex offenders in court and their statements are not consistent with each other’s, which leads to the release of these rapists, he said.

“These men target children aged between 2 and 6 years because they are unable to identify them in court and are unable to give a proper statement. These children are not coherent and their statement is not consistent. In most cases, the defence lawyers take advantage of it and the conviction does not happen,” said Rishi Kant, an activist.