web-fbKARACHI: The six-month Rehabilitation Project of Pakistan Chowk has transformed the entire area for the better, with benches placed, outdoor lights set up and plantation added, much to the delight of the public.

Pakistan Chowk is a landmark heritage public space of Karachi. The junction meets all the major publication houses, institutions and Old Cafes. From a social narrative, the area has held a lot of importance and the analytical study of the space is critical. The initiative to transform and develop the chowk is possible mainly due to the efforts of PPP’s Sharmila Farooqui.


The conceptual planning and social design was headed by architect Marvi Mazhar.


Here are some earlier pictures of workers toiling to bring to fruition the rehabilitation project of Pakistan Chowk.


That was then. And this is now…


“We hope to reclaim zones in Karachi, and give back public spaces for outdoor recreation and social well-being,” said Sharmila.

The project is a breath of fresh air and Sharmila Farooqui certainly deserves a pat on the back for the initiative.