ISLAMABAD: The real story behind the compromise between the judge and father of young maid, Tayyaba was revealed during today’s proceedings at the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, had taken suo moto notice on media reports that the minor maid servant was allegedly beaten up brutally and the matter had been patched up and compromised.

During the hearing, the father of young maid, informed the court that he was threatened by the lawyer that if he did not sign the document to pardon the judge, then his daughter Tayyaba would not be given to him.

“I am an illiterate man who can’t read. I was told to make a thumb impression otherwise my daughter would not be given to me,” said Azam.

Sharing the details he said, on 14th August 2016, my neighbour, Nadra took Tayyaba for work and her monthly pay was fixed at Rs3000/month and six-month pay was paid in advance.

‘Two months earlier, Nadra informed us that Tayyaba is in Islamabad and we talked to her on phone only twice in the past months.’

Upon the chief justice’s query, he said Nadra took them to a lawyer named Raja Zahoor and in his car we came to Islamabad.

Tayyaba’s torture case was unearthed through social media and later the chief justice took suo moto notice. Considering the sensitivity of the matter, ADSJ Raja Khurram Ali Khan reached an agreement with the aggrieved family who pardoned him and his wife.

The affidavit submitted before the court on behalf of Tayyaba’s father read: “The case in question is inaccurate and was registered on the basis of baseless allegations. I personally investigated the matter. I reached a settlement with Raja Khurram Ali Khan and his wife Maheen Zafar with my free will and hence forgiving them unconditionally”.