MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said in a recent interview that if either of his sons ever misbehaves with a woman, he would behead them.

During an interview with Femina, Shah Rukh spoke in favour of women and claimed that he was not a feminist since he believed women deserved more than equality.

If being a feminist means equality, then I’m not one. I believe women should be more than us. If you’re looking at being equal to us, your aim is too low—you’re belittling yourself. From creating life to taking so much pains in your daily life and using it as your strength—the simple act of boarding a local train, being leched at, not getting a job because of your gender—it’s shocking how much a woman has to take every day,” said the Raees star.

Shah Rukh Khan also said that though he was a man physically, he wanted to be a woman emotionally and mentally.

“I’d like to be a woman. Physically, I’m not. Mentally and emotionally, I’d like to be one. Sometimes there is a part in me that when I see feminists becoming aggressive, I want to step up in their support. I don’t think women are weak but I’m the kind of guy who would take off my jacket and put it across a puddle for a woman to walk,” he said.

He concluded the interview with a rather strong statement, claiming that he would behead his sons if they ever misbehaved with a lady.

“And I know that if either of my sons ever misbehaves with a woman, I’d behead him,” he said.