KARACHI: The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and the Karachi Police have joined forces to stop mobile phone snatching in the metropolis.

As part of their efforts, the CPLC and police department on Wednesday released guidelines for sale and purchase of used mobile phones.

Authorities on Wednesday made it mandatory for the sellers and purchasers to fill a document providing personal information and technical details of the device.

Below are the guidelines that must be followed by the dealers:-

1- Shopkeeper will verify that the device is not stolen or snatched by contacting CPLC helpline 1102 .

2- Shopkeeper will be booked under Section 411 of Pakistan Panel Code if he is found selling a stolen or snatched phone. Apart from being penalized, he will have to reimburse the money to purchaser.

3- Shopkeeper will demand photostat of national identity card of citizens before purchasing used mobile phones.

4- Shopkeeper will obtain verified mobile phone number of the person who is selling his used device.

5- Shopkeepers will seize a mobile phone if it is found stolen or snatched and inform the CPLC, SIU and the Market Association.

6- Shopkeeper will not indulge in illegal act of unblocking a mobile phone that has been blocked by authorities.

7- Shopkeeper will maintain record of all the mobile phones that he sells or purchases.