Pakistani singer Taher Shah is once again set to return (or it seems that way at least) on Valentine’s Day with a new message or song, judging by his latest tweet.

Taher Shah, the bizarre Pakistani singer who has made headlines around the world for his lyrics, personality, sense of dressing, hairstyle and pretty much everything, may return with a brand new song or message on Valentine’s Day. This was made apparent by the singer in his latest tweet.

Taher Shah had fled the country in panic a couple of months ago, after media reports and his management team had claimed that the singer had received death threats. A couple of days later, Taher Shah came up with a video message which he referred to as ‘Humanity Love’ on New Year’s Eve.

Hence, we are not sure whether or not the Pakistani singer will this time release a new song or will it be just another video message. However, one thing is for sure; when the camera’s are rolling and Taher Shah happens to be in front of the lens, it certainly does become the talk of the town!

So for fans of the Eye to Eye and Angel singer, this Valentine’s Day might be a tad more special for all the lovebirds out there…