KARACHI: Three people were killed and two children were injured when a truck overturned in the city on Thursday afternoon.

According to details, the accident took place in Karachi’s busy Qayyumabad area when a truck overturned and killed three persons. Two children were also injured in the incident.

The cause of the accident could not be determined. DIG Traffic claimed that the driver of the truck had fled after the accident had taken place but said that the driver would be caught.

The identities of the deceased were confirmed as Khan Momin, Robin and an unidentified woman who is said to be begging on the street at the time. Among the injured are Ranyan aged 3 and Rizon aged 6 who were traveling on the road with their father Robin who lost his life

“I will write a letter to the government today to get 10-wheelers banned,” he said. “However, certain complications occur due to a ban on 10-wheelers since they transport essential food items. We will need to work out a mechanism for that,” he said.

10-wheelers and 14-wheelers are banned from traveling during the daytime in order to avoid such accidents which cause loss of life and property.