GEMONA, Italy – A martial arts expert from Pakistan has set a world record for “Most drink cans crushed with elbow in one minute.”

Muhammad Rashid quickly delivered several mighty elbow strikes as he crushed a total of 77 full cans to set the Guinness World Record.

The Guinness World Records rules for this challenge state that the cans must be unopened at the beginning and then crumpled to a minimum width of 3 cm (1.18 in).

Organized by the Associazione Cons.erva, a large audience came to watch the attempt in Gemona, Italy and cheer Rashid on.

Many of the spectators had to put up umbrellas to protect themselves from the spray, according to the official Guinness World Records website.

Rashid hails from Karachi, Sindh, and is the founder and president of Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts.

He has achieved a number of impressive Guinness World Records titles over the past couple of years. Some of his other titles include: Most nunchaku hits in one minute (350); Most walnuts crushed by the hand in one minute (201); Most walnuts crushed with elbow in one minute (128); and Most spins of a fire staff in one minute (188).