DUBAI – A 20-year-old Emirati student is on trial for assault and attempted murder in Dubai after he chopped off fingers of two Pakistanis in what appears to be a case of road rage.

The Emirati assaulted the Pakistanis with a sword during a fight on a road on June 4, 2016, according to the prosecution record.

The incident left the Pakistani men with severe injuries and one of them lost a finger as he tried to protect himself, the Khaleej Times reported.

“I was driving my car back from work at a hotel around 5:30 am and had two colleagues with me around. We were heading to Deira when a 4WD car suddenly swerved across our lane. When we stopped at a traffic light, the man in the front passenger seat of the other car threw a cigarette butt in our car,” said one of the victims, a 24-year-old Pakistani living in Dubai.

“Then that man stepped off and slapped me. His friend, who was in the back seat, attacked me with a sword. He aimed at my neck first and then at my chest. He chopped off my left thumb and injured my other fingers as I tried to cover myself with my hands.

“We fled the scene on foot and they chased us for some time. They later went back their car and sped off.”

The other victim further said that they tried to avoid the car several times, but the Emirati man kept swerving around.

“We avoided them at the first traffic light after that. But at the next traffic signal, they stepped off and one of them attacked me and my friend with a sword. He cut part of one of my fingers and injured the others as I tried to protect myself.”

The court will announce a verdict on March 13.