ISLAMABAD – India has agreed to talks with Pakistan over the prevailing water issue between the two countries, confirmed officials of the Indus Water Commission (IWC) on Saturday.

According to the officials,  they have received a letter from India’s Indus water commissioner in favour of talks with Pakistan on the issue.

The move came after two months of diplomatic negotiations, with the World Bank officials as mediators.

The Indus Water Commission provides a platform to officials from Pakistan and India to implement and manage goals of the Indus Water Treaty.

A delegation of Indian officials will be visiting Pakistan in the end of March. The meeting, which is to be held in Lahore, was initially scheduled for the first week of March, but was postponed due to elections in India, officials said.

The Indian government gave hype to the issue to draw benefit in elections, yet New Delhi again coming to talks is a victory of Pakistan’s stance with regard to Indus waters, they said.