Sajjad Karim MEP has declared the need to stand united against terrorism in the wake of attacks in the UK.

Speaking during a debate on a Pakistan resolution in the European Parliament – in Strasbourg, France – Dr Karim explained how the EU must continue to support Pakistan in its fight against terrorism if it is to be defeated.

The British MEP said on the issue:

“Our non-legislative and non-binding resolutions quite often lead to complaints from third countries of factual inaccuracies. Today I intend to concentrate only on one aspect of what is in the resolution and do not in any way seek to take away from some of the very accurate comments that have been made by colleagues, whilst recognising that there are various inaccuracies as well.

“Any consideration by an independent and informed eye of this resolution actually betrays an acceptance that external and externally sponsored internal actors in Pakistan are facilitating the terrorist targeting of innocent civilians.

“And the people of Pakistan have carried a very heavy burden on behalf of the international community for a very long time – sometimes on very weak shoulders.

“But it remains the case that our EU policy to support Pakistan in facing the challenges of terrorism and the people of Pakistan remains the right approach.”

Dr Karim founded and leads the Friends of Pakistan group within the European Parliament in 2005, whilst also Chairing the International Trade Committee’s Monitoring Group for South Asia, and has worked on many Pakistan related issues, including playing a key role in the country gaining the coveted GSP+ trade status.

When challenged at times during a very heated debate, he responded:

“When a certain mind-set of individual attacks and maims and kills European citizens in Paris, we all say that is wrong. But I say to you colleagues this: that mind-set of individuals – when they attack us – they attack us for our values and it is that same mind-set that then attacks innocent children in Peshawar. If we have the right to stand by our values, we must stand by those innocent children when they are attacked as well.”