Sajjad Karim MEP today (26 September) hosted the Governor from the Pakistani region of Balochistan to discuss EU-Pakistan related issues. Dr Karim – who is the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Friends of Pakistan Group – held a lunch for Governor Muhammad Achakzai in Brussels at the European Parliament which also involved other MEPs, including his British colleague Charles Tannock MEP and Andrejs Mamikins MEP, as well as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the EU, Naghmana Hashmi. The group discussed a range of topics, but in particular current moves that are underway by certain parties to try and portray Balochistan in a very negative light before the international community. Speaking on the lunch, Dr Karim said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Governor Achakzai here to the European Parliament, following on from a very high level delegation visit of assembly members a few months ago in May. I am very encouraged to see that representatives of Balochistan are directly beginning to interact with the international community and lawmakers. “There is a very real need for Pakistan to step up its game to ensure that the international community fully understands & appreciates the issues that it faces and combats the very real exercise which is underway to try to undermine Pakistan’s unity & understanding.”