KARACHI: Former Sindh Information minister and Pakistan people’s Party (PPP) leader Sharjeel Memon has said that National Accountability Bureau (NAB)is pursuing  dual standards in his  and Sharif family matters.

He said this while addressing  Sindh Assembly session on Wednesday  When NA B arrested him he told them that he has been granted bail but they paid no heed to his plea.

He while addressing  Chairman NAB  who was present in the session said why a double standard is being adopted in his and Sharif family matter?

Talking about Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif son-in-law Captain Safdar arrival at Islamabad international airport and presence of NAB officials at that time he said NAB officials had  come at run way to arrest him but in captain Safdar case airport officials’ didn’t allow NAB officials  to enter even into  airport .

The behavior of NAB  in his case remained biased  while double standard was adopted while putting name in  Exit Control List (ECL), he added.

He while questioning NAB chief said under what law his name was put in the ECL when he was not in the country besides requesting NAB to investigate the matter of placing  his name in the ECL.