Brussels,07-11-2017: Jammu Kashmir Libration Front JKLF Member Diplomatic Council Sardar Naseem Iqbal Advocate strongly condemns the statement made by PM Pakistan about the future Solution of Jammu Kashmir issue .The resent statement given by the PM Pakistan shows ignorance of Pakistani politicians towards the State of Jammu and Kashmir and it’s 20 million people.
In response to the recent statement made by PM of Pakistan Shahid Khakaan Abbasi which insults Kashmirs and their independence struggle on many levels,Refusing the reality is not realistic, any decision made from others is not acceptable. All sacrifices are for the independence of Jammu Kashmir.
Sardar Naseem iqbal stated that Mr Abbassi needs reminding perhaps that this struggle has been more of a reality than any other struggle in Jammu Kashmir. He probably also needs to be made aware that in close proximity of London School of Economics, where he made the comments based on pure lies, students of the prestigious King’s College conducted a research which found over 70% of the Kashmiri respondents in favour of an independent Kashmir.
The clueless Mr. Abbassi probably doesn’t know that Founder of Pakistan Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah and many other leaders of Pakistan accepted the ideology of independence united jammu kashmir.
The leader of independence Kashmir movement Mr Maqbool Butt Shaheed was Famous leader of world belong to Jammu Kashmir state and presently Mr Yasin Malik Chairman JKLF is leader of United Independence Jammu Kashmir Movement.
JKLF demand withdrawal of all foreign forces from our Motherland Jammu Kashmir.JKLF believe that a free independent Secular Democratic Country is the only solution of Jammu Kashmir issue.