KARACHI: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQMP) Dr. Farooq Sattar and Mustafa Kamal of Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) have decided to merge their political parties on Wednesday to avoid division of vote bank in General Elections 2018.

Leaders of PSP and MQMP addressed a joint press conference and laid bare details of the decision.

While talking to the media, Dr. Sattar said that the key purpose of the dissolution is to check the division of vote bank of both the parties in Sindh for the best interest of the people. Policies that aim to curb violence and restore peace are to be stressed in the province, he said.

MQMP chief said that talks were underway between the two parties for quite some time to solve the issues faced by the people through a political merger. Dr Sattar said that Karachi cannot endure another situation like the one that arose in the 1990s.

He said that neither of the two merging parties want their workers to enter any clashes or tensions owing to the development today.

Dr Sattar thanked the people of Karachi and Sindh for making the rally on Sunday earlier this week a huge success. It is the responsibility of a statesman to avenge partial attitude towards Mohajirs.

MQMP chief said that the approach to dissolve the political party is not temporary.

While talking to the media, PSP chief Mustafa Kamal cleared that both the parties would contest General Elections 2018 with one political front, one electoral symbol and as one force.

Kamal said that Muttahida Qaumi Movement belongs to the founder of the party ever since its conception which is why a neutral and a fresh identity is needed.

He looked down upon the idea of conducting politics for Mohajirs as according to him this repulses the people reisiding in Sindh who belong to Punjabi, Balochistan and all those who are not Mohajirs.

PSP chief said that he had conducted long discussions with MQMP members for the past six months over the course-of-strategy the joint front would adopt. Kamal said that he cannot thank his party workers, central committee and core members enough as they have not one ambiguity in their minds about what the joint political front wants to achieve.